Monster Drop Chaos

Monster Drop Chaos

by Benchmark Games, the newest member of the wildly popular monster drop family.

Size: 102″ H, 52″ W, 64″ L and approximately 900lbs

Fantastic redemption game for arcades and FEC with proven return benefits.


The objective is still just as simple as ever. Time the ball drop through a CHAOS hole on the wheel and unleash a cascade of 18 bouncing balls to open up wild scoring bonanza! If you can skillfully bounce a ball up on the platform through the MEGA BONUS hole, you’ll nab a huge ticket win! The excitement that this generates brings players back for more time and time again.

COST: $3200 OBO

To make an offer or purchase, please call 785-221-6634 or send us an email

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| August 12, 2023