The buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements. Our staff is available online and day of auction to answer any questions.

We’ve partnered with Beltmann, a leader in arcade and pinball shipping. Beltmann will cornerboard, blanket wrap and shrinkwrap the games. 

Use the form below to receive a shipping quote from Beltmann.

NOTE: It is always cheaper (price per item) to ship two standard cabinets then one. If you are unsure to what you may bid / win, please indicate you would like the cost of shipping for one game and also two or more. Include this note under “Special Notes” in the “About the Game(s)” section of the form below. 


STEP 1. Send an email to

  • Subject: Ad Astra Auction – Topeka, Kansas
  • Body of Email:
    include the approx size, weight and value
  • Contact information and zip code from pickup
    Ernie Jolly 7215 SW Topeka Blvd. Topeka, KS 66619 785-221-6634
  • Contact information and zip code for destination
    Your information

STEP 2: You will receive a quote via email.

NOTE: we have found that the cost of shipping one regular cabinet is the same as two, so it’s in your interest to win two items typically. 

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