Star Wars Battle Pod

Star Wars Battle Pod

Star Wars Battle Deluxe Screen Edition transports players to a galaxy far, far away and straight into the heart of battle. Players will be able to take control of some of the most memorable vehicles in the Star Wars universe and pilot them to victory.

In this version of the Battle Pod, the cabinet was designed to capture the feel of Star Wars technological style. Players control the action with the specialized force-feedback joystick and throttle controllers. The 72″ theater screen are setup in a way that the player feels like they are reclining back in a starfighter craft.

As you fly through the levels, your objective is to blast the enemies that are indicated on your screen with arrows. If you can hold a target in the center of your screen long enough, a missile lock will be established and you can take them out with a press of the thumb button. This is also how you obtain combo kills. Quick kill points are awarded for enemies that you can eliminate within a short amount of time.

The game requires the player to pay to continue regardless their success in the mission or not. The way to obtain a score in the top 3 is to complete all these missions with two or three stars.

The game is an enclosed “theater” design and sports the cutting edge seamless dome screen.


  • This Game Requires 68″ wide Door/Opening to get this game into your building
  • Ready for you to add your Card Swipe system
  • Officially licensed Star Wars product with input from Lucasfilm in the game design
  • Arcade Exclusive – beyond the software not being available on console or mobile, the hardware on this game cannot be replicated by a home device!
  • Top-of-the-line graphics produced with the Unreal Engine 4
  • Sharp & Vibrant Graphics
  • Assembled Dims: H: 94.5″, W: 74″ D: 67″ Weight: 825 lbs
  • Power usage: 110 VAC @ 10 amps-Requires Standard Household Outlet

COST: $10,800 OBO – call us 785-221-6634 or email us

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| August 12, 2023